Photography & Video Production

Production Services

From weddings to real estate to promotion to construction progress, we provide photography and video that are impossible to achieve from purely ground-based providers. We can shoot a variety of resolutions from 1080p to 4K with ground- and drone-based equipment.

Every project starts with discussing your project’s goals and what you want to do with the project deliverables. If necessary, we will walk the site with you or virtually via Google Earth to be able to give you the best advice and a quote. If you want to do editing, color-correction, and other post-production in-house, we will turn photos and videos over to you.


Post-Production Services

During production, we endeavor to give you the highest quality deliverables we can. Sometimes a little color correction or other editing can take a good photo or video and make it great. If you are looking for a full video production to share on social media or to put on your website, we also offer full video post-production services including editing, color correction, image stabilization, and camera matching. If you do not have audio to go with the project, we also have a large music library with a variety of modern styles that is licensed for use anywhere and forever.