Site Mapping

Whether for construction planning or reviewing construction results, aerial site mapping can give you or your clients valuable data and insights. Our drone collects hundreds of images, and then we use a variety of tools to create 2D and 3D imagery of the site.

For each project, we consult with you about your goals to create a mission plan. For a typical mission, we can scan 20 acres with a single flight. That means the mission will not interrupt ongoing work. You receive results by the next morning which allow you to explore, analyze, and measure a variety of details about your site.

Besides imagery, you are able to measure distances, areas, and volumes. You can also annotate the map so your entire team can share details and collaborate.

Sunset Ridge Park, Champaign, Illinois

Sunset Ridge Park, Champaign, Illinois



Point to point distance and elevation

Aerial imaging does not just give unique perspectives, but it also gives the capability to do measurement. 

Site Exploration

Zoom into areas of interest

Zooming and panning around the site allows you to explore a variety of details.